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It's time to start your podcast...

Podcasts are one of the BEST ways to share your wisdom, build a community, brand and income. 

But none of us are born with the innate knowledge of how to create a podcast! It can be time consuming, overwhelming and the annoying thing on our to-do list that never seems to get done!

I know, I know. You’ve seen lots of free guides, researched the equipment you need and know that there are loads of tutorials on YouTube telling you how to do this—but do you have time to sort through the ENDLESS stream of information?

Probably not. It’s why you’re still not a podcaster.

Start MY Podcast!
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Chances are...

You’ll probably spend hours alone just looking at and researching the right microphone to buy, how to record without sounding like you’re in a tin can, and how to actually get that podcast out into the world.


Listen, I know you might still be thinking- this is something I just do NOT have time for.

I know you’re overloaded with the hundreds of other responsibilities that come from having a business- or heck- even just a life!


And just because you’re SMART doesn’t mean you’re a tech genius, right?!


Maybe you’ve tried to create a podcast before and just couldn’t figure it out. It became overwhelming and you dismissed it to be done “later”.

Unlike other programs that tell you what you need, but not HOW to do it- I am ready to walk you through, step by step to creating your own podcast in as little as 7 days!



 Imagine seeing your podcast on the new and noteworthy list.


 Imagine being a top 100 podcast and reaching THOUSANDS of your ideal audience members.


 Imagine your email list growing exponentially because you finally took a week and started your podcast!


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You know you have a voice and a message to share.

You know that by you joining the podcast community you’ll be able to expand and make an even greater impact on the world.


I felt that urgency too.

I knew I had something to share and that I just needed to get in front of my perfect audience. I knew that if I could figure out all the “techy” stuff, I’d be able to finally have the conversations I was dying to have!

I jumped in and over time figured out how to record, edit and air my own episodes- and now have a podcast that has aired over 240 episodes with hundreds of thousands of downloads worldwide. I have monetized my podcasts (yes multiple) and made over a million dollars- simply from hitting record and getting started. I have witness firsthand that podcasting is POWERFUL. 


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I have had hundreds of people say to me “How can I start my own podcast?” and “What do I need to do to get started?”

So I finally decided to create a system that can help others take their message to the world with a powerful and efficient guide….



An e-course designed to help you create your own podcast in as little as a week!

 The perfect guide for entrepreneurs, storytellers, influencers, businesses and anyone with a message to share!

Podcast Master

$37.00 USD

In Podcast Master You'll Learn How To...


  • Create your very own podcast without wasting time obsessing over the “right way and right time”. (Checking this off of your never-ending to-do list in the process)

  • Launch a show quickly so you can reach a new audience and connect on a new level with your existing one.

  • Simplify the setup process so you can enjoy the fun part- content creation!

  • Develop a cohesive message that allows you to reach the perfect audience.

  • Build a show that shares your story or brand message so you can build a community of engaged super fans!

  • Create your very own podcast without wasting time obsessing over the “right way and right time”. (Checking this off of your never-ending to-do list in the process)


"Kirsten’s podcast course was just what I needed! I was feeling overwhelmed and lost but her course took me step by step and showed me exactly what to do. It saved me so much time and guess work."-




What’s Inside the Podcast Master Program?

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(VALUE $197)

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, from equipment recommendations on ever budget level, to the top recording and editing programs we have personally used for years! We’re going beyond the concept and straight into show creation!

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(VALUE $47)

How do you get your podcast episodes from your computer to the world? It may seem like a mystery, but you’ll learn how to get your voice HEARD. In these step-by-step tutorials and strategy videos we’ll show you how to optimize the reach of your podcast! You’ll learn how to submit your podcast to iTunes, as well as other top podcast destinations.

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(VALUE $37)

You might think you need a fancy studio to record- but I’m showing you how with TWO simple programs you can connect with guests, record stellar episodes and edit with ease!

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(VALUE $97)

For your listeners sake, you need to do more than hit record!  This training will help you establish your messaging, your ideal audience, and even help you name your show with ease!


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BONUS: Mix Magic
(Value $97)

A priceless tutorial that takes the guess work out of editing! If you’re on a tight budget or want creative control over your editing process, I show you how to edit an episode in MINUTES with the best editing program!

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BONUS: Picture Perfect Podcast Cover Template
(Value $47)

Not a graphic designer? No problem! With our easy to customize podcast cover template, you’ll have a dazzling work of art that will draw in new audience members instantly!


Are You Ready to Share Your Voice With the World?

The truth is, podcasting is still a growing trend. It’s one of the most untapped spaces for people to create content that serves their customers and audiences. And you’re not doing anyone any favors by waiting for the “perfect time” to share your message!

Let’s get started!

Podcast Master

$37.00 USD